Our goal is to create a program that will inspire girls to pursue their studies and careers in Engineering and Technology. We join forces to provide the best experience for the participants and leverage on our existing network to assemble female role models from to empower the girls.

Dato' Shidah Ahmad​

Vice President & General Manager, Keysight Technologies

Patron of GET

Core Team​

GET is made possible by the cumulative efforts of volunteers who came together from various organizations to brainstorm the formation of Girls in Engineering and Technology.

The all-female team were hands-on in planning and executing the whole program, including developing the program format, designing the modules, and recruiting industry volunteers and participants.


We are infinitely grateful for the support of these industry leaders for supporting Girls in Engineering and Technology since its early inception in mid-2020.

Over 200 all-female volunteers from these organizations have committed to contributing as facilitators and mentors to our participants since the start of the program.

Want to get involved in GET as an organization? Do reach out to us!